The unique digital treasure hunts platform is the platform for team building events professionals to create and manage extraordinary fun geo-located games anywhere in the world.

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About is the unique platform for corporate team building professionals who want to bring a new digital experience to their customers events. was launched in 2017 in Australia and is the very first and only digital geocaching game in the Pacific!

It has never been so easy!

How it works can be adapted to any type of event/any type of company:

  • Create your own questions and challenges
  • Locate them anywhere in your city
  • Make teams and watch them walk around to unlock questions and earn points, only using their phone

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Be in control of your games

Fast & Powerful

Scalable to thousands of simultaneous users! All they need is a phone or a tablet to play

Make it special to your clients

Logos and colors can be displayed to create a unique corporate experience for your clients

Real time leaderboard

Look who's winning in real time

Players can upload pictures of their best wins

Download all pictures at the end to share them to participants

Cheating is not an option

Block cunning players from multiple sign-ins

Manage your games any time, anywhere, from any device

Manage your game from your office or on the field, access all parameters remotely at any time

Our premium features

Go beyond the tracks!

Along with basic features, we provide extra functionalities that will make sensation to your customers. Many new features are added all throughout the year, and are part of the premium subscription.

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Get the Proof

"Take a picture of a surfboard", "Take a picture of the team with a flower in your hands". These entertaining challenges can be automatically validated by our Artificial Intelligence algorithm, or by your team leader.

The Fugitive

What about a moving target? Catch it to win more points! It can be attached to the team leader phone, or even to a beacon!

The real treasure hunt

Chain challenges together and create an artificial order so players solve an enigma for the quest of a treasure.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play in any place in the world?

Almost! As long as a map is available, you can play Geogaming.

Is this platform only for professionals?

Yes. We wanted to create a platform that would allow corporate events managers to provide a new experience to theirs customers. The platform is not accessible to individuals (yet).

How many players can play the game?

The game is played by teams. The game can scale up to hundreds of teams playing at the same time.

How long does a game last?

A game generally lasts 2 to 3 hours, depending on number of challenges and geolocations. Games across multiple days can be tailored in common.

Who provides the set of questions?

We don't provide questions. You can create reusable sets of questions or customise them for your client/customers.

Are all the features included in the default cost model?

All basic features are included: games, challenges, leaderboard, pictures. Get-the-proof, The fugitive and other specific features are part of the premium subscription.

Do you provide training on the platform?

Yes, through online courses. We do train your teams to get them autonomous on the platform, and we also provide tutorials if required.

How do you prevent teams from cheating?

Each time a device is enrolled in the game, we attach a fingerprint to it so nobody can log in with the same team on another device. This prevents people from splitting the teams and win in no time...