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Make it a fun and original party for your children and their friends.

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How it works

Geogaming is a mobile game, designed to create customisable treasure hunts.

  • Choose a location anywhere on a map
  • Create your own challenges and questions
  • Locate them in different spots to create your own itinerary
  • Play to unlock all the challenges on the map, using only a phone!

Geogaming can be played as one team, or as teams competing with each other.

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Let the kiddos have a maximum of fun!

Anywhere you want!

Choose a location anywhere on a map: in a park, near your house, at the beach...

Take and share pictures

Take pictures of the children during the activity, and download all of them for free for the best memories!

Real time leaderboard

Look who's winning in real time - how good is that to stimulate children's competitiveness?

Standard or custom: you decide!

Reuse our set of theme-based questions or create your own quizz to make it a special birthday!

Unlock the challenges by walking!

Activities are geo-located: it's even funnier now to be outdoor and play! You can even choose the spots on the map.

Play with your own smartphone or tablet

No need to hire anyone to be in: just open our website and play!


Our Customers Love us



Thank you so much to Manon and the Geogaming team. My daughter and her friends had to best time with their Harry Potter treasure hunt!



Probably the only time I was happy to let my daughter play on her phone :) Such a great idea, all the kids loved it.



We had the best time! Thank you so much for being so flexible with our party, and so convenient to be able to play anywhere! Will definitely be back.



My friends surprised me with this game for my birthday: all the questions were about me and our memories together. It was so original!

Pricing Plan

Customise your event to your needs


  • Full access to the mobile game
  • One predefined theme of 8 questions
  • Your custom place to play
$ 199 for ~1h30

Full Custom

  • Full access to the mobile game
  • Up to 10 custom questions
  • Two custom activities
  • Your custom place to play
$ 249 for ~2h


  • Full access to the mobile game
  • Up to 10 custom questions
  • Two custom activities
  • Your custom place to play
  • Two facilitators included
$ 399 for ~2h

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play in any place in the world?

Almost! As long as a map is available, you can play Geogaming. We recommend parks, beaches or any outdoor secured space, depending on the age of the children.

Can I use Geogaming for other types of events?

Great question! Geogaming is entirely customisable and can be used for any fun outdoor setting:

  • Team building
  • Hens and Bucks
  • Your company’s Christmas party
  • Take your kids for a fun tour around the city
  • Discover a new city when travelling...

How many kids can play the game?

The game is played by teams. We recommend 5-6 children per team so everyone can enjoy. The game can scale up to hundreds of teams playing at the same time.

How long does a game last?

It’s entirely up to you, depending on how many challenges and questions you want to include. We recommend around 1h for kids from 6y, and up to 2h for teenagers...

What are the challenges?

We offer 2 packages:

  • The ready to use themed package: We provide a set of theme-based questions and challenges - check our ready-to-use packages section for a list of available packages.
  • The all about them package: You can choose the content of the questions to make them about your kids and their friends.

What is included in the cost?

The fees for a game include the game setup and the game play for up to 4 hours. Extra fees apply for customisation and facilitators. Check the pricing section for more information.

Do I need facilitators?

The game is designed so anyone can play autonomously: parents, grand-parents, siblings... No special skill is required, except being able to manage a group of wild kids on a scavenger hunt 😜 However, if you want to enjoy a peaceful birthday party and let us look after your children, we can provide certified facilitators (one per team) to lead them throughout the game. Fees apply.

What is the minimum age to play?

We reckon kids from 6y will enjoy the game, but the platform is very family-friendly, so feel free to play with every generation!

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